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Craig Evans, 24, had been jailed for 18 months for inciting a child to engage in sexual activity
Freed after judges hear the messages went out to all his contacts including members of his own family
Craig Evans must have thought things couldn’t get any worse after he accidentally sent a saucy text message intended for a lover to every contact in his phonebook.
How wrong he was!
The 24-year-old swimming coach ended up in prison for sex offences after the text also found its way to two young schoolgirls.
Evans had typed an intimate invitation to his girlfriend asking her if she would like to engage in sex with him ‘skin on skin’.

Excruciatingly, a slip of the fingers on his BlackBerry smartphone resulted in it going out via BlackBerry Messenger to all the numbers on his phone.
But as well as having to deal with the humiliation of his family reading the message, Evans’s mistake led to far more serious consequences.

Among the recipients of the text were two girls aged 13 and 14, which led to Evans, who teaches swimming in a leisure centre, being arrested and charged with causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.
He was jailed for 18 months at Birmingham Crown Court in July.
The story unfolded in court this week when his lawyers went to the Court of Appeal in London to have his conviction overturned.
They argued that Evans’s ‘misguided use of his BlackBerry’ made it ‘difficult to conclude that he was targeting anyone’.
In the message, Evans, of Birmingham, asked an unknown lover if they would have sex with him ‘skin on skin’ and whether they would prefer it to be ‘fast or slow’.
Granting the appeal, Lord Justice Elias said the circumstances were ‘unusual’ and agreed that Evans had been ‘evidently misguided’ in the use of his phone.
He added: ‘The facts of this case are rather unusual. Messages… were sent to every single contact in his phone, including members of his own family.’
He added: ‘The fact that they were repeated shows that he was evidently misguided in the use of his BlackBerry.
‘It is difficult to conclude that he was targeting anyone.
‘There were a number of mitigating factors in this case.’
The judge, sitting with Mr Justice Coulson and Mrs Justice Thirlwall, added that the sentence, which he also reduced to nine months, would be suspended ‘given the unusual circumstances’ and freed Evans.

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A research ship has discovered more than one million new species after trawling through the Atlantic, Pacific, Southern and Indian oceans.

The Tara Expedition took a 70,000-mile trek across the oceans over 36 months to discover the new creatures – many of which the French-based team credit with giving humanity the gift of oxygen, as the billions of tiny plankton present in our oceans provide much of the oxygen in our atmosphere.

The creatures will be unveiled tonight at a special exhibition at the Science Museum in London, after the ship docked back into London last week.

The team say the discoveries could change our understanding of climate change’s impact on the world’s oceans – and said their journey showed just how vulnerable the sea is due to man’s actions.

More than 30,000 samples of sea water were taken from a variety of spots across the planet, which led to the discovery of 1.5million species – ranging from the relatively large – 1cm in length – to the small, measuring just fractions of a millimetre.

The research provides a snapshot of marine micro-organisms – but points out how much plastic we dump in the ocean, with up to 50,000 plastic fragments per square mile within the Atlantic.

These plastics will not break down for hundreds of thousands of years, and can enter the food chain through fish, seabirds and other marine animals. The toxins can poison the ocean, and also find their way into humans through seafood.

 The 36-metre Tara schooner left Lorient in France in June 2009 and took samples up to a depth of 2,000 metres.

Dr Chris Bowler, the scientific co-ordinator of the expedition, told the Independent how the study provides a ‘snapshot and health check’ of the world’s oceans.

He said: ‘Nobody has ever done this on the scale that we have before.

‘We will be analysing results in the lab for a number of years. The task now is to understand the physical and climactic constraints that have created these ecosystems.

‘How much is pollution affecting them, how much is temperature change affecting them?’

Bowler added: ‘If a species of plankton sensitive to temperature migrates, it could devastate that food chain and therefore local fisheries. We want to find out the role of each species within an ecosystem so that we can better predict what the oceans could be like in 50 or 100 years’ time if we continue to change them.

‘These include creatures that are incredibly important for generating oxygen. Half of the oxygen on the planet is produced by oceans – so every second breath that you take is oxygen from these organisms.

‘The oceans are already acidifying – it will continue to happen if CO2 emissions continue to increase or even if they remain at the current rate.

‘These microscopic organisms are very sensitive to acidification. There is a real concern that many of them could go extinct in years to come.’

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  • Tesco Value has been on the store’s shelves since 1993
  • It is being replaced by a new Everyday Value range
  • The move forms part of a host of new initiatives aimed at kick starting growth amid competition from rivals

The price benefits were obvious. But some felt more than a little embarrassed to put Tesco’s blue-and-white-striped Value range in their baskets.

So much so, that the supermarket was forced to ditch the range completely.

The chain has admitted it relaunched the budget own-brand because shoppers ‘didn’t feel comfortable’ about picking it up.

It has been replaced with a newly designed Everyday Value range, which features brightly coloured, more upmarket-looking packaging.

Andy Yaxley, commercial director of Tesco Fresh Food, said: ‘Embarrassed is probably the wrong word.

But customers told us that they questioned the quality of the Value brand because of the packaging and some didn’t feel comfortable putting it in their trolleys.

‘Tesco was the first supermarket to launch a value range. . .but customer needs have changed. We have listened closely to what our customers want and Everyday Value will provide products that taste better, look better and are healthier.’

The new design features a smarter white and orange livery and forms part of sweeping changes that include a revamped premium range.

The retail giant said it is introducing posh bottled water which it has shipped in from Norway – the Voss brand will sell at a hefty  £4.89 a bottle.

The changes, which have been trialled over the past six months, are part of a £1 billion investment which will see 25pc of the grocer’s store space refitted this year.


It is also re-launching its frozen food department for the first time in 5 years, kitting its bakeries out with wood fittings and trialling patisseries. Clothing will be relegated to the back of the store to make way for fruit and vegetables at the entrance.

Customers will also be able to use a new scanning system so they will not need to pass items through tills. They will be able to scan their products as they put them into bags in their trolleys and then pay at the end.

It also found that shoppers felt its meat aisle was too clinical, so chief executive Phil Clarke had the shelves tilted at an angle to improve visibility and made the aisle ‘warmer’.

He said: ‘We are starting to seen green roots of progress. Some of the changes are already being rolled out in all Tesco stores and some are on trial.’

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Yeah if I want baked beans for 20p a tin I’m definitely worried about the look of the tin – or who sees me pick them up – if I were that paranoid I’d be doing my shopping online anyway !