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Been a busy couple of weeks , moving , packing , storing half of my crap etc

Spent ten mins on the phone with a lovely lady from Liverpool , never did get her name . .   : (

sorting out my BT Infinity broadband – very helpful and positively fluent – which always makes a nice change !

Then it all went “Nipples North” when I tried arguing with the billing dept

– Half an hour wasted repeating myself , then told to talk to the manager . . .

You guessed it – 20 mins of crappy music on hold then THEY HUNG UP !!

On a brighter note – got to play in Santa’s Grotto – otherwise known as my mum’s garden

– all it’s missing is either a tower or a few Elves


A remix of Nick Clegg‘s tuition fees apology released as a charity single is now 14/1 to reach number one in the charts.

The deputy prime minister and Liberal Democrat leader showed unprecedented remorse on Wednesday night when he released a two-minute video apologising profusely for failing to stop the government’s plans to increase university tuition fees.

Within hours the video was given an auto-tuned remix complete with melody and in a bizarre twist was permitted by Mr Clegg himself to be released as a charity single.

Bookmakers have now given favourable odds for the Lib Dem leader to go all the way to number one.

Blog: Was Nick Clegg’s hearty political broadcast a wise move?

Paddy Power is offering odds of 25/1 that the single will debut at No 1, 14/1 that it will hit the top spot at any time before 2013, 200/1 that it becomes the Christmas No 1 and a longshot 150/1 that Nick Clegg will perform live at Glastonbury 2013.

A spokesperson for the bookmakers said: ‘Who knew that Cheryl Cole would be battling it out for the number one spot with Nick Clegg? If the government were looking for a way to connect with young voters, perhaps this is it.

‘We do however have one piece of advice for the deputy prime minister. Get in to the studio and start working on a follow-up single – no one likes a one hit wonder.’

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