Normal service will be resumed – who am I kidding?

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Been a busy couple of weeks , moving , packing , storing half of my crap etc

Spent ten mins on the phone with a lovely lady from Liverpool , never did get her name . .   : (

sorting out my BT Infinity broadband – very helpful and positively fluent – which always makes a nice change !

Then it all went “Nipples North” when I tried arguing with the billing dept

– Half an hour wasted repeating myself , then told to talk to the manager . . .

You guessed it – 20 mins of crappy music on hold then THEY HUNG UP !!

On a brighter note – got to play in Santa’s Grotto – otherwise known as my mum’s garden

– all it’s missing is either a tower or a few Elves


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