Teary eyed grumpy – or jealous old man

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Sorry for sounding my age – had to happen sooner or later !

Just after I left school I worked in a recording studio

and way back then a lot of stuff was manual

– you had to press a button to record , to trigger a sampler to play on time

and all manner of things that automation takes care of these days..

one of the older engineers I worked with was fascinated with the speed with which I could press a

given button. But as I explained to him then – the PAUSE button was my best friend –

Here in the U.K. the chart show was on RADIO 1 every Sunday from 5 till 7

And in fact STILL IS !

so if you wanted the latest hits you had your compact cassette recorder on PLAY + RECORD with

the PAUSE button pressed in – as soon as your song came on you waited desperately for the DJ to

shut up and released the PAUSE , recorded the song and then waited for him to open his

big mouth again! I came to refer to this as PAUSE BUTTON TRIGGER FINGER

We would all then march in school on Monday with our new C60 full of chart hits

and KUDOS to the pause button master who didn’t have the DJ’svoice on it

Oh my childhood !

  YEARS LATER I can reveal i learned a neat trick

  – cassette tapes could be wound forward

   – or  back  manually

  so if you want to wind back a few seconds you just

   had to stick your index finger in the left hand

spool of tape and turn clock wise.

So HEY PRESTO no DJ voice and life is sweet

AND the sad thing is I still remember the 1st time I saw a CD

they were about 30 quid each then !

we all sat looking at the colours it reflected

then spent 2 days making compilations to play to our friends !!!


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